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RiskSTOP Group invests in Cyber Security training

As a business, RiskSTOP Group are committed to preventing fraud and cyber-crime in order to protect our business, our customers and also our employees. From 27th May 2019 we will be beginning Cyber Security training for all employees.

Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility, and ensuring our employee's have the knowledge will help us tackle the criminals who target our business. We will start with GDPR Awareness training and everyone will need to complete this by the end of June 2019. After this, we will then begin bite-sized monthly cyber security training which will cover topics such as Phishing, Social Engineering, Insider Threats and Physical Security.

Why are we doing this training?

To put it simply, to ensure that we’re doing all we can to win the fight against cyber-crime and keep our employee's, RiskSTOP Group’s and our client's information safe. As you will remember the introduction of the new data protection legislation called GDPR, which places a greater onus on us to help keep our data safe. Here’s a few more detailed reasons:

  • GDPR compliance – we do not want to receive a huge fine for data loss.

  • 90% of security breaches occur due to a user leaking username/password information or opening malicious attachments.

  • We need to reduce the risk of any security breaches.

  • We need to reassure our clients that we take handling their data seriously.

  • A better knowledge of cyber-crime will also help you keep safe in your personal life, not just at work.


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