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We're here to protect

Risk is everywhere. Every day people face the consequences of things like fire, flood, personal injury, illness, business interruption, liability and theft. Our goal is to prevent these things from happening. We're here to protect. 

We do this by working with our partners in the insurance industry to do everything we can to take care of risks. We identify hazards and help people control them, avoiding not only financial harm, but the pain, suffering and hardship that can arise.   

Our Mission

To protect people from loss, injury or damage by taking care of risks.
A safe and secure world.

Our Vision

Our Culture

For us it's all about the people. The personalities, the skills, the empathy and love of life. 

Our aim is to not allow a single day go by without learning and growing, along with a bit of laughter thrown in for good measure.


  • We believe in people feeling good about what they do and going beyond what's expected, because that makes others feel good too 

  • We believe in having a passion for managing risk, because the last thing we want to see is people suffering

  • We believe in exploring, experimenting and trying out new things, because this leads to progress and often some important lessons learned 

  • We believe in giving, rewarding our staff and our customers and supporting great causes 

Our goal is not to be the best, because we believe we can always be better

We care

Caring is about our desire to have a positive impact on the world around us. It’s about going that extra mile, not because we have to, but because it feels right. We do what we do, because we care.

We put people at the heart of everything we do

We take care of risks because we don’t want people to suffer from loss, injury or damage. And we do this by employing a fantastic team of diverse and talented people who work closely with our clients and their customers, guiding and supporting them every step of the way.

We deliver great services and experiences

This is about our quality and our desire to continuously improve and to measure that improvement. It’s about growing our reputation, being trusted and earning recommendations from everyone.

We learn

For us, learning is about being curious, researching, experimenting and collaborating. It’s about expanding our thinking, the way we do things and developing new skills and insights. Learning helps our team, our clients and supplier partners evolve together, so we can discover new and better ways of doing things.

We innovate

We love to come up with, or work with, new ideas that are surprising and valuable - an essential 21st century skill. We invest in people and new services that are unique, efficient and which help us meet our client’s needs.

We grow

We seek to grow in the broadest sense, not just financially or in size, but as people within an ever evolving organisation. We do this step-by-step through well thought through plans. We believe everything we do should be considered, measured, genuine, inclusive and most importantly, long-lasting.

Our community

We care deeply about our local community. We’re Dorset born and bred and we want to play a big part in supporting people who live and work here.

Our environment

We are committed to continually explore new ways of reducing our environmental impact. A key aspect of this involves introducing energy saving methods and new green initiatives designed to further reduce our environmental footprint.

Our Values

Our Story

It all began with a few people, a phone and a fax machine in 2000. Since then we've grown into the UK's largest independent provider of risk management services to the insurance industry, with more than 100 employees. Here are a few highlights from our journey. We're looking forward to adding more!   

Our Offices

RiskSTOP Group’s headquarters are at Mey House, Poundbury in Dorset.

Poundbury is the urban extension to the ancient market town of Dorchester, and is a development inspired by the Prince of Wales. Created in the late 1980s on Duchy of Cornwall land, it is home to many residents and businesses.

Poundbury has received worldwide acclaim for its use of local architectural building styles and materials, its synergy with the environment by putting pedestrians rather than cars at the centre of the design and its use of ecologically sustainable materials.

Mey House, a four storey building, lies at the heart of the development. It takes its name from Mey Castle, a former home of the late Queen Mother, where the Prince of Wales spent time as a child.

Poundbury is the ideal headquarters for RiskSTOP as not only are our offices practical and pleasant to work in, but the ethos behind the development is in total harmony with our ideals.


Our office in Puttenham, West Surrey is a beautiful barn conversion located in an attractive rural location.  Shoelands Farm was converted from a dairy farm into high quality single storey offices in 2006.


Puttenham is in an area of outstanding natural beauty within the green belt that lies to the South of the A31 Hogs Back between the towns of Guildford and Farnham.


Many of our team enjoy the flexibility of spending some of their working week working from home.  We know that having the option of working from home can improve work life balance, our teams wellbeing, have a positive impact on the environment and remove the stress of the daily commute.

Home Based

Risk Quality

We commit to ensuring the risk services we provide are accurate, technically sound and professionally presented.

Our Risk Quality system measures our performance to aid continual service improvement. We understand that quality is of critical importance with regard to consultant selection, technical competence and appropriate work allocation.

We regularly undertake report reviews and on-site accompanied assessments.

Group Risk

We carry out regular reviews to assess the key risks facing our business.

We evaluate risk profile and tolerance, as well as maintain appropriate controls and monitoring processes, to protect the interests of all stakeholders and to manage uncertainty.

Health and Safety

The health, safety and welfare of our employees and those people working with us and on our premises is paramount.

We undertake regular health and safety assessments to ensure we are correctly managing, controlling and monitoring our responsibilities in line with regulatory and legislative requirements and good practice.

Our goal is to provide a safe place of work for our people so as to keep workplace injuries and ill-health to a minimum.

Security and Data

We recognise the importance of the security of our assets, confidentiality of information and the need to be protected from threats from unauthorised use, disclosure or destruction.

As a result, we maintain appropriate controls across our business to ensure we are suitably protected and can mitigate damage should a security incident occur. This includes registration and compliance in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our controls comply with the international standard for Information Security Management Systems ISO 27001:2013.

Business Continuity

We know that our services are important to our clients, suppliers, and all parties that need access to our infrastructure.

That’s why, in support of our overall ISO and governance framework, we have our own second site facility, which provides complete IT infrastructure support and recovery services.

This means we can continue to provide critical business services at all times.

Standards and Governance

Supporting the Local Community

At RiskSTOP Group we are strongly committed to being part of and supporting the local community.

We do this in many ways: by creating new jobs, encouraging local businesses to be a part of our supply chain, providing useful skills training to other businesses and supporting many local charities.

Social responsibility is at the core of our business. As a local organisation we have a responsibility towards our community and its economy. It is not always about giving money, In addition to our charitable donations and community involvement, many of our staff are involved with local organisations, and voluntary projects outside of work.

Sponsorship and Donations

RiskSTOP Group recognises the importance of assisting local and national charities in raising much-needed funds. We have adopted a local sponsorship policy in order to help nearby charities meet their fund-raising targets. Where possible, we raise awareness of the good work provided by these charities and encourage other businesses to follow our lead.

Examples of charities we have supported include the Joseph Weld and Trimar Hospice, Cancercare in Dorset and Julia’s House, the Dorset children’s hospice and Hangers Heroes, which is one of RiskSTOP Group's chosen charities. Staff regularly take part in fund-raising events such as dress-down days and fun-runs and we always take part in national events such as Children in Need and Comic Relief. 

Delivering Quality to Customers

A commitment to quality is at the heart of RiskSTOP Group. All users of our services are surveyed to ensure they are satisfied with the standard of support and assistance received. Dedication to service is evidenced by independent research which shows outstanding levels of customer satisfaction, with 93% of customers rating the service ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.

The RiskSTOP Group has an ongoing commitment to the quality of service we provide, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continuous improvement.

Working with our Suppliers

RiskSTOP Group works with businesses that share similar, pro-active environmental, health and safety and business governance policies. We know our reputation can be affected by those we do business with. For that reason, we only work with the best suppliers who can help us learn and grow. This ensures we maintain and deliver high levels of customer care. Our suppliers are expected to act ethically, treat their employees fairly, maintain health and safety standards and manage their impact on the environment.

In return, we treat our suppliers fairly, pay them promptly and communicate our requirements clearly.

We believe we can get the most from our relationships with suppliers by working with them as a team. In this way we can improve our performance and ensure the timely delivery of high quality, cost effective products and services to customers.

Supporting Employees

RiskSTOP Group believes its most valuable resource is the skill and commitment of its dedicated staff. For this reason, we invest considerable time, money and effort in developing and supporting our staff through bespoke training courses and apprenticeships. We recognise the benefit to our customers and the motivational impact to our staff of high levels of training and development.

New staff undergo a comprehensive induction training programme, which supports the company’s vision and mission. An appraisal system is in place and staff are encouraged to realise their full potential not only by training, but in terms of their own personal development. The success of this approach is reflected in the large number of internal promotions which have taken place.


To achieve our business objectives we depend on the skills, innovation and contribution of all our employees. We aim to develop our company by treating all with respect, creating a supportive work environment and providing opportunities for training and development.

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination. We believe that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

The team is known to ‘work hard, and play hard’, and as a company we support a number of staff social events. We encourage our employees to socialise outside working hours, to enjoy themselves and get to know each other without the restraints of the working environment. This has proved to be beneficial, particularly as it encourages team work and a greater understanding of the varying elements and requirements of different jobs

Respecting the Environment

RiskSTOP Group is committed to exploring new ways of reducing its environmental impact. A key aspect of this involves introducing energy saving methods and new green initiatives designed to further reduce our environmental footprint.

Some examples are:
• Energy efficient lighting and heating systems
• Energy efficient computers
• Water efficiency
• Paper reduction

Company policy is to recycle 100 percent of packaging, paper and consumables. It avoids producing waste which goes to landfill, disposing of materials wherever possible through recycling.


RiskSTOP Group promotes the use of company cars and delivery vehicles
with low CO2 emissions. We work with courier companies that promote policies to reduce carbon emissions in their vehicles.


In an innovative initiative designed to protect the environment, we
also offer employees incentives to car-share on their journeys to and
from work. This aims to not only reduce carbon emissions, but also to free up road space and reduce congestion on roads in the local area

Corporate Social Responsibility

The RiskSTOP Group is committed to a pro-active Corporate Social Responsibility Programme of activity and strives to continually improve and enhance its local environment.

We aim to add social, environmental and economic value to the community in order to produce a positive sustainable impact for both society and the business itself. The following outlines our ethos and activities as an employer, a customer, a member of the local community and as a world citizen.

 Want to work with us?

At RiskSTOP Group, we're always on the lookout for talented individuals like you, and we want to make sure that you're the first to know when an exciting opportunity arises. So, if your interested in working with RiskSTOP Group then fill the form out by hitting the button below.

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