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Keeping People Safe

Tragically, around 300 people lose their lives and more than 6,000 are injured because of fires each year in the UK. As many as 135 are killed at work for other reasons, such as falls from height or being struck by vehicles. More than half a million are also injured at work and around one fifth are then absent for more than one week. Some of these injuries are life-changing.

15,496 places kept safe

In 2023, our team of risk experts helped 15,496 different locations across the country keep people safe.

At least 270,000 people protected

Working with the UK insurance industry, our risk management improved the safety of more than 270,00 people. That’s enough people to fill Wembley Stadium three times over!

Lives saved, injuries prevented

Making sure fire risk assessments and electrical inspections are carried out and health and safety policies are introduced, ensures people return from work to their families every day and remain healthy and productive.

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“I cannot think of anything more fulfilling than keeping people safe. Here, it’s about protecting people from harm and we’re always trying to do more if we can.”

Sorrel Scott
Surveys Team Leader
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