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Social Responsibility

There are unsung heroes everywhere. People who give up much of their own lives to support others in need. These unsung heroes need our help, and as businesses we can also step up to the plate. Our colleagues, as well as our local, national and global communities need us, especially the heroes out there and amongst us who do so much good…

£50,000 in charitable donations

In 2023 we donated £50,000 to 18 different local and national charities. As well as this financial support, many of our team selflessly offered up their time and energy to support these great causes.

100s of employee and community-focused training programmes

School visits, courses for charity workers and training for our people. In 2023, we offered everything from leadership, management and climate change education, to mental health first aid, menopause and neurodiversity awareness sessions.

We received 950 CVs!

A growing organisation, we offered up 42 different opportunities to work with us in 2023, and received a staggering 950 CVs from applicants. We see great people wanting to part of RiskSTOP Group.

Latest News...

“Working here makes me think of a great quote from Douglas Adams, who once said: ‘To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.’”

Shaun Small
Risk Consultant
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