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Highlights report sums up ‘landmark year’ for RiskSTOP Group

Our 2023 Highlights Report has been published, providing a summary of what was a landmark year in the development of our purpose and our strategy for growth.

“The report captures our headline achievements around keeping people safe and secure, and our commitment to social responsibility and sustainability,’ said Danny Lillington, Managing Director of RiskSTOP Group.

“Last year our dedicated efforts helped safeguard thousands of places, directly improving the lives and well-being of many individuals. Our team meticulously assessed almost £86 billion worth of UK properties, supporting our vital national infrastructure. Our charitable contributions, alongside hundreds of community and employee-focused training programs, reflected our commitment to fostering a culture of care and empowerment both within and beyond our organisation.”

Danny added: “Last year we also made tangible strides towards reducing our environmental footprint, and after becoming part of the Ardonagh family of businesses, we now find ourselves in a position where we can achieve even more. Thank you to everyone who has played a role and supported us in our recent achievements.”

You can view our 2023 Highlights Report here:

RiskSTOP Group 2023 Highlights Report
Download PDF • 6.02MB


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