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Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities. Most leading worldwide scientific organisations have issued public statements endorsing this position. Extreme weather events are reported to be costing $5 trillion a year, and food and water shortages are leading to loss of life and destabilisation. We have a responsibility to change the way we do things.

4,568,850 miles of car travel that didn’t happen!

Our team innovatively delivering services at the desk, rather than out in the field, meant a CO2 emissions saving of 1,027 tonnes last year. 

More than half EV or hybrid

Over 50% of our company vehicles are already either fully electric or hybrid and we’re investing in charging infrastructure. Our plan is to be 100% by 2027.

50 bags of litter picked

Our fantastic litter picking team collected 50 bags of waste, including items dangerous to children and wildlife, in the area around our Headquarters in Poundbury, Dorset last year.

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“Climate change is the biggest challenge we face. RiskSTOP Group genuinely puts people at the heart of its business, which is why sustainability has become one of our guiding principles. I believe we’re up to the challenge here.”

Moira McAnally
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