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Keeping People Secure

Imagine where we’d be without our infrastructure! We rely on our homes and our workplaces, all serviced with energy, water and communications. Imagine life without local shops, entertainment, transport or care facilities. How secure would our lives be without all of this?

£85,969,417,599 worth of buildings checked

In 2023, we took steps to make sure almost £86 billion worth of UK buildings were receiving adequate protection from their insurance.

25,571 improvements made

We put forward 25,571 risk improvement requirements and thanks to the dedication and assistance of our team, 88% were fully completed.

One million more aware

We recorded more than 1 million engagements with our risk-related insight, information and guidance last year. That’s a lot more people in the know!

Latest News...

“I learned recently how we’ve assessed at least one property in every single postcode sector of the UK. We’ve literally had a positive impact everywhere! This makes me feel proud.”

Praise Mathew-Johnson
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