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Innovating to keep more people safe and secure

How can we keep more people safe and secure? This is a question we constantly ask ourselves at RiskSTOP Group and this week we believe we’ve taken a big step forward in helping to protect more people and businesses from harm and loss across the UK.

On Tuesday, we launched a new service for insurance brokers called TOPRisks, which is designed to help them win and retain business. However, it has the potential to do far more than this!

Currently, only a small percentage of organisations ever benefit from the kind of risk management support and guidance we offer through our insurance industry partners. We can only ever complete a limited number of ‘in person’ risk surveys and they take time to complete. As a result, the risk reports we produce tend to be reserved for only a small number of large and more complicated risks. But what about everyone else?

Through the big data we’ve gathered over many years of carrying our risk surveys, TOPRisks means we can now produce instant, personalised risk reports, at a fraction of the cost of a site survey, but which can bring as much as 80% to 90% of the benefits.

Unlimited and highly relevant risk reports are now available to everyone, right now.

Find out more at and please help us keep more people safe and secure.


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