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ISO 27001 audit passed with flying colours

Man wearing glasses examines computer code on screen

BSI have confirmed that all areas of its recent ISO 27001 Information Security Management review audit of RiskSTOP Group have been passed.

The annual audit, which was completed at the end of November 2020, ensures that every part of our Group’s information security framework meets this important internationally recognised standard. Crucially, ISO 27001 demonstrates to our clients that all information held by RiskSTOP Group is carefully managed and protected so that it remains safe and secure.

Danny Lillington, RiskSTOP Group Managing Director, said: “This year’s audit was particularly detailed and was carried out ‘virtually’ over a period of 5 days, scrutinising all areas of our organisation. Like many others, we have made a significant shift to homeworking in 2020 and this was also examined thoroughly as part of the audit”

Danny added: “Maintaining ISO 27001 is hugely important to our Group, particularly as we work so closely with the financial services sector. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) expects our clients to partner with suppliers with appropriate infrastructure to hold, process and remove data about them and their customers.

“Continually investing in information security and keeping up with standards is one of our top priorities and I’d like to thank everyone at the Group, particularly our IT team, for the significant effort they always put in to ensure excellence in this area.”

Three RiskSTOP Group companies also recently gained FSQS (Financial Services Qualification System) accreditation. You can find out more about this here.


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