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RiskSTOP Group launches new RiskACUMEN brand

RiskSTOP Group has launched a new brand RiskACUMEN, which offers high-end risk engineering insight and services to insurers and their clients.

RiskACUMEN takes an independent and thoughtful approach to managing complex risks. Thorough evaluation, sound judgement and using our skills to influence positive risk outcomes, rather than imposing them, is what lies at the heart of our new brand.

RiskACUMEN builds on RiskSTOP Group's success in providing higher end site surveying services to several major UK insurance entities. A key aspect will be offering insight to support insurers and their clients through a variety of digital channels including podcasts, video content and thought-leadership articles. Highlighting excellence in risk management practice among policyholders is set to be a key part of the insight we provide.

“We’re seeking to support a dialogue among insurers and their customers around good practice and learning,” said RiskSTOP Group director Nigel Raywood. “RiskACUMEN is about risk engineering being more customer-orientated, so we see offering value through insight as equally important as assessing and consulting around risk.”

Nigel added: “RiskSTOP Group has been providing risk solutions around complex risks for many years. We’ve consulted in connection with chemical plants, football stadia and iconic buildings such as The Shard in London. However, we recognize this is not what we are best known for. RiskACUMEN will make our independent risk engineering capabilities stand out more and offer something that’s new and different to insurers and their clients.”

Episode one of the RiskACUMEN podcast has already been released and can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and further platforms, as well as the RiskACUMEN website at

You can sign up for insight updates on the website, as well as connecting to our RiskACUMEN Linkedin feed here.


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