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We keep people safe and secure.
We believe in social responsibility and sustainability.


Tragically, around 300 people lose their lives and more than 6,000 are injured because of fires each year in the UK. As many as 135 are killed at work for other reasons, such as falls from height or being struck by vehicles. More than half a million are also injured at work and around one fifth are then absent for more than one week. Some of these injuries are life-changing.


Imagine where we’d be without our infrastructure! We rely on our homes and our workplaces, all serviced with energy, water and communications. Imagine life without local shops, entertainment, transport or care facilities. How secure would our lives be without all of this?

Social Responsibility

There are unsung heroes everywhere. People who give up much of their own lives to support others in need. These unsung heroes need our help, and as businesses we can also step up to the plate. Our colleagues, as well as our local, national and global communities need us, especially the heroes out there and amongst us who do so much good…


Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities. Most leading worldwide scientific organisations have issued public statements endorsing this position. Extreme weather events are reported to be costing $5 trillion a year, and food and water shortages are leading to loss of life and destabilisation. We have a responsibility to change the way we do things.

The 4S's of RiskSTOP Group

Highlights report sums up ‘landmark year’ for RiskSTOP Group

Our 2023 Highlights Report has been published, providing a summary of what was a landmark year in the development of our purpose and our strategy for growth.

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