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Freedom beckons, but what about the fear?

Making the shift to risk management and valuations sub-contracting can be daunting, but any fears can be overcome with the right support, according to RiskSTOP Group.

Female risk management surveyor assessing commercial insurance risk

Bethany Weaver, who looks after the Group’s network of sub-contractors, said surveying skills are in demand and those who make the move to freelancing play a hugely important role in keeping people and businesses safe and secure.

“I know sub-contractors who were very apprehensive about it all at first, as there’s a big difference between working for an employer and working for yourself. Suddenly there’s equipment, insurance, accounting, tax and all kinds of things to think about. I believe some surveyors who would probably enjoy the freedom and flexibility that sub-contracting bring, do hold themselves back sometimes.”

Face-the-fear! It's this ‘fear’ that Bethany mentions that inspired the development of a new guide from RiskSTOP Group, which aims to highlight some of the key needs of a sub-contractor, with friendly advice and links to helpful information.

“Our guide not only touches on the practical aspects, but also covers what we've found to be one of the biggest barriers to sub-contracting - feelings of isolation,” said Bethany.

“When we work for an employer, we have our colleagues to turn to. They become part of our support network and to be honest, we all experience times when we depend on our network to stay positive.

“Many sub-contractors fear losing this support. At RiskSTOP Group we put people at the heart of what we do, and this includes our sub-contracting partners. Induction, training and access to technical knowledge are all part of our sub-contractor package, but most importantly we offer support and build relationships to ensure no one finds themselves feeling out on their own.”

Photo of Bethany Weaver, Group Network Coordinator at RiskSTOP Group Ltd

RiskSTOP Group’s ‘Freedom beckons, but what about the fear?’ guide can be found here. If you’d like to chat with Bethany about becoming a risk management or valuations sub-contractor, you please connect on Linkedin or email


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