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Risk Management Conference 2022 - It’s great to all be back together again

RiskSTOP has at last been able to get its UK-wide risk management consultancy team together again under one roof with the return of our ‘annual’ national surveyors conference.

The impact of Covid, followed by significant demand for our risk management services, meant that until recently the only way of the team getting together has been remotely. This year’s ‘live’ event took place at the Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC and was attended not only by RiskSTOP’s Risk Management Consultants (RMCs), but by managers and members of the board from the wider Group.

David Reynolds, Head of Risk Engineering and Surveys, said: “It’s great to be back! The biggest thrill from my point of view is seeing everybody and getting everybody together for a little bit of team building and bonding.”

Martin Neale, Surveys Manager for the South Region at RiskSTOP said the conference had been a “great opportunity” to meet up with the team again and talk not only about work issues, but to socialise properly once again. Louise Corlett, who recently joined the Risk Consultants team at RiskSTOP, added: “I’ve been able to meet with everyone face-to-face, build that rapport and on the technical side, hearing from other experts and sharing best practice has been really valuable.”

Nigel Raywood, RiskSTOP Group Development Director took the opportunity at this year’s conference to discuss recent customer experiences with the team, and ways of meeting their needs and delivering beyond expectation in our changing world.

“To understand what risk management means from our customer’s perspective is really important for us all. In addition to the technical skills, it’s about understanding the bigger picture in the industry we work with, and I think that has really come across well at this conference.”

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