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Andrew Jenkins from 'The Traitors’ inspires mental health conversation

One of the stars of a hit reality TV show has made a big impact on our team through a motivational talk about more open communication.

Andrew Jenkins delivering talk at RiskSTOP

Andrew Jenkins, known for his appearance in the BBC's 'The Traitors', visited RiskSTOP Group on Thursday 7th March. However, this wasn't just any visit. Jenkins came with a powerful message, one that resonated deeply with the core values of RiskSTOP Group and our people: the importance of mental health, growth, and self-worth.

Jenkins is no stranger to the limelight, having captured the nation's attention on 'The Traitors'. Yet, it was his candidness and vulnerability in sharing his personal journey that truly captivated everyone. His talk wasn't just about the challenges he faced; it was a testament to the power of resilience, understanding, and support in overcoming life's obstacles.

'Poignant reminder'

Natalie Joyce, HR & Social Responsibility Associate Director, said “We understand that our employees are our greatest asset here. Andrew's story was a poignant reminder of our commitment to creating a supportive and understanding work environment where mental health is, and shall always be, prioritised.”

“It was incredible to see Andrew create a safe space for our employees, who came and openly shared some of their own stories. We’re proud to encourage an open dialogue within the workplace around mental health to ensure that every person feels heard and is supported.”

Andrew Jenkins' visit was more than just a memorable day; it was a powerful call to action. It reminded us that behind every success story is a journey of struggle, learning, and triumph. At RiskSTOP Group, we are proud to stand alongside Andrew in championing mental health and well-being, ensuring that our workplace is not just a place of work but a community of care, support, and understanding.

We also recorded a video podcast with Andrew which will be out soon! Keep an eye out on our socials and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss it.


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