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Life-changing diagnosis leads to open conversation about health

Updated: Mar 26

After being diagnosed in November last year, Shaun Small, valued Risk Consultant here at RiskSTOP, has been learning to live with ‘severe heart failure’. Shaun shares his story in the latest episode of our People at the Heart (PATH) podcast.

Podcast mic in studio

Shaun opens up to Johnny Thomson, RiskSTOP’s Marketing and Communications Director, about his personal journey, discussing the challenges he's faced while emphasising the importance of maintaining a positive outlook. He also highlights the invaluable support he's received from both loved ones and close colleagues.


The PATH podcast is part of RiskSTOP Group's effort to promote a culture of openness and support. By sharing personal stories like Shaun's, we aim to encourage a workplace environment where everyone feels comfortable discussing their health and wellbeing, knowing they have the support of their colleagues.


We hope Shaun's story inspires you to think about your own health and well-being and to remember the importance of supporting each other in our personal and professional lives. Stay tuned for more conversations about all things connected with our team and our work, both serious and light-hearted.


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Transcript available to download here:

Transcript for PATH Episode 2 - Shaun Small - Health
Download PDF • 60KB


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