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Offering a positive approach to women’s health

A more open, supportive and ‘uplifting’ approach to the perimenopause and menopause stages of life has been welcomed by employees of RiskSTOP Group (RSG).

Menopause awareness sessions were offered to RSG team leaders, managers and directors towards the end of last year. One key outcome of the sessions was a call from some of our female team-members for additional support around exercise, nutrition, planning and managing stress.

As a result, we partnered with Weymouth based female fitness, health and wellness expert Sam Wilson, to deliver her ‘Vitality Live’ perimenopause and menopause workshop to those in our Group who feel they need help and advice.

Sam told us: “My goal is always to improve perception of the menopause and show women that they can help themselves through the various stages.

“For too long these life phases have been portrayed as negative. However, with the right guidance, women can manage and even avoid many of the more unpleasant side effects that the menopause can bring. It’s been fantastic working alongside an employer like RiskSTOP, who value the health and well-being of those who work there.”

Incredibly helpful

Jo Camp, Business Development Administrator at RiskSTOP Group, who attended Sam’s Vitality Live workshop at the beginning of February at RSG’s headquarters in Poundbury, said: “What an amazing workshop! I think all of us not only found Sam’s insight incredibly helpful, but it made us all feel a lot more empowered about our well-being.

“This was such an uplifting experience. It’s really good for all of us to know we’re not alone in this at work and that we can all support each other when needed.”

As well as a free live workshop, RSG employees have been offered a fully-funded six week online course with Sam, which dives further into symptom management and lifestyle changes.

For more on Sam Wilson’s workshop and courses, visit:

And to discover what it’s like working with RiskSTOP Group, please go to:

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