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Dorset Youth Pride: Promoting Diversity, Inclusion, and Acceptance

Dorset Youth Pride, a free and inclusive pride event, returned to the Shire Hall Museum in Dorchester on Saturday, 10th June. Now in its second year, this vibrant celebration welcomed all members of the LGBT+ community and their allies, providing a safe and empowering space for young people to express their identities and celebrate diversity. RiskSTOP Group were the event's sponsor for the second consecutive year.

This initiative held a special place in the heart of RiskSTOP Group, as it aligned perfectly with their values of creating a safe and secure world for individuals to express themselves.

Danny Lillington, the Managing Director at RiskSTOP Group, expressed his enthusiasm for sponsoring Dorset Youth Pride, stating, "Dorset Youth Pride was again sponsored by the RiskSTOP Group at Shire Hall Museum. It was a wonderful initiative that deserved our support. By creating a safe and inclusive space for young people to celebrate their identities, this event promoted diversity, inclusion, and acceptance."

“Moreover, by holding the event at a museum, it also offers a chance for participants to learn about the history of LGBTQ+ rights and activism. Overall, Dorset Youth Pride is an important step towards building a more accepting and inclusive society, and we should all applaud and support the efforts of the Staff at Shire Hall Museum for organising it."


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