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Ain’t no party like a RiskSTOP party!

Ask anyone at RiskSTOP what their favourite time of the year is and they’ll tell you it’s Christmas…, but not because they’re looking forward to opening their prezzies. Oh no!

Christmas means it’s RiskSTOP Group party time and while there are other Christmas parties out there, as our team always says: ‘There ain’t no party like a RiskSTOP party!’

Here’s a selection of images from this year’s spectacular event!

Highlight of the evening was undoubtedly this year’s ‘Golden Awards’, which recognised everything from our longest serving team members to the ‘Doppleganger Award’ where everyone in the Group voted for a colleague who looks most like someone famous.

Operations & Product Development Director Tom Lillington was gutted to miss out on this Award for his uncanny resemblance to the dashing Lord Farquaad from Shrek. Tom was pipped to the post by Account Manager Ewan Sandison, who is the spitting image of Woody from Toy Story of course. Overall, everyone at the Party was stunned by just how many looky-likies the RiskSTOP Group employs!

Best place

Tom commented: “I like winning, whatever the game, so frankly I’m disappointed. But seriously, what a night as always and how great it was too to use only local suppliers and partners for the event. People working in events in particular have had a tough time of it in recent years, and as a Group we prefer the word investment to expenditure. Our local community matters to us."

RiskSTOP Group Managing Director Danny Lillington, added: “Most of all, our entire team deserved this night. We believe passionately in treating our people well and we tend to find they vote with their feet and stick with us. Locally we were named ‘Best Place to Work’ this year and we’re hugely proud of this achievement.”

If you want to know for yourself what a RiskSTOP Group Christmas Party is really like, well why not come and work with us? As a rapidly growing and successful organisations there are plenty of opportunities right now. And if you look like someone famous, there could be an Award coming your way soon!

All the best everyone.


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