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October 2021

Give something on us to support World Mental Health Day

It’s World Mental Health Day on 10th October and to mark the occasion we’re offering you something a little different here at RiskSTOP Group.


We believe one of the best things we can do around mental health is to help people understand how to spot the signs and take action. It’s why so many of our team at RiskSTOP Group have been through the award-winning one-hour ‘Mentality’ course from Peter Larkum. 


So, to mark World Mental Health Day and spread the support even wider, we’re giving you the chance to nominate someone to take the same course entirely free of charge. 


Overall, we’ve got 30 vouchers for the Mentality course to giveaway. You could nominate a colleague, a client or someone who works for a voluntary organisation, or even yourself. It’s entirely up to you. Just remember the course is designed to help people spot the early warning signs in others and then take appropriate action, including signposting to the right kind of help and support.


Natalie Joyce, RiskSTOP Group HR Manager, who has taken the course herself and is also a qualified mental health first aider, said: “We’ve found the Mentality course gives members of our team a much better understanding of mental health and really empowers them.


“For World Mental Health Day, we really want to do something that encourages more people to take this course. Please, pass it on and help someone know how to help someone else.”


Simply nominate someone using the form over to the right to receive one of 30 vouchers to take Peter Larkum’s award winning Mentality course. And be quick as we expect these vouchers will go fast.


To find out more about the Mentality course itself, visit here.

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