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Our chosen charities for 2023 include YOU

The YOU Trust and Magic Breakfast are set to take a share of a £36,000 donations fund this year as RiskSTOP Group’s chosen charities.

YOU does incredible work across the South and South West of England. The Trust handled more than 24,000 referrals last year helping people with learning disabilities and enduring ill mental health, as well as victims of abuse and those who have fallen on hard times. We chose YOU not just because they perform miracles in and around Dorset, but because the charity fits a theme of us supporting vulnerable people through the cost-of-living crisis.

Nationally, Magic Breakfast also fit well with this theme. Around 4 million children in the UK currently live in homes without adequate access to food and the number at risk of hunger has doubled in less than 12 months. Magic Breakfast works with schools to ensure children never miss out on a healthy and wholesome start to the day, fuelling their learning.

Going beyond

Danny Lillington, RiskSTOP Group Managing Director, said: “Our £36K donations target will be raised through a share of turnover from our RiskSTOP, and other Group brands.

“We’re fortunate enough to be growing well at a time when many people are struggling. We’d love to turn our success into support for those who are vulnerable and I hope we can go beyond the target we’ve set for both YOU, Magic breakfast and other charities in 2023.”

Natalie Joyce, Group HR Manager added: “As well as our new chosen charities, we will continue to support the Samaritans through our connection with the Chesil Rocks event later this year. We will also keep supporting The Veterans Hub.

“As well as providing vital funding, our approach is one of building relationships with charities and offering practical help where we can. It’s wonderful and always incredibly rewarding to work for a Group that truly puts the needs of people first.”

We’ll be keeping everyone updated about our charitable work and progress with our donations fund throughout the year. Please follow us on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram and thanks for your support.


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