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Walking with friends in memory of loved ones

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

A kind-hearted member of the RiskSTOP team has been limbering up with four friends to take on a gruelling 26 mile walk along Dorset’s spectacular coastline for a terrific cause.

Business Unit Team Leader Natalie Clark (pictured in yellow above), who joined RiskSTOP as a teenager back in 2003, is participating in the Jurassic Coast Challenge on 26 September with her best friends to raise money for Weldmar Hospicecare.

All five have already gone beyond their original collective target of £1,000 and are now hoping to get closer to £2,000 for a charity that is also very dear us at RiskSTOP Group.

Natalie said: “As friends we’ve pulled together in memory of loved ones. Sadly, one friend lost two family members recently who were both cared for at the hospice. We’re all aware of the incredible work the hospice does and how they’re so kind and compassionate.

“That’s why we decided to take part in Weldmar’s annual fund-raising challenge, walking 26 miles along the Jurassic Coast. We’ve all been practicing along the walk and the views have been amazing, and we’re now building up to the big event itself.”

Natalie added: “The team here have been wonderful with their support and I’ve been able to use my annual charity day, as we’ve been organising events like raffles and afternoon teas along the way. RiskSTOP is such a generous organisation and the support they’ve given me in connection with the Walk is really just the tip of the iceburg.”

To find out more about Weldmar Hospicecare visit

If you would like to donate to support Natalie and her four friends, Hannah, Jennah, Mel and Burnice, please visit their JustGiving page here and also share if you can.


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