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Thanks to our team, we've won ‘best place to work’

The words of our incredible team at RiskSTOP Group were the secret to our success at this year’s Dorchester and Poundbury Business Awards.

Award winners from Dorchester & Poundbury Business Awards 2022 stand proudly with their certificates
Dorchester & Poundbury 2022 Business Awards winners

We're incredibly proud to have won the ‘Best Place to Work’ category, particularly as it was our people who were behind this achievement. In our application, employees explained why they love working at RiskSTOP Group, citing everything from our approach to managing mental health to our very own internal social network.

One employee wrote: “I’m so proud to be part of an organisation that believes in social responsibility. Whether it’s the litter-picking programme around Poundbury, or the endless commitment to local charities, such as food banks, RiskSTOP never stops giving something locally. Something that counts and matters to all of us.”

Another said: “I was stunned when the company ripped apart a whole section of the office and gave it over as space for us all to escape and relax at any time of the day. The Oasis, as we call it, has just been invested in again, bringing it right up-to-date with all kinds of modern features and it’s a space we all love and couldn’t do without. It really shows what RiskSTOP thinks of its people.”

Natalie Joyce, Group HR Manager, commented: “At RiskSTOP Group we believe in a clear set of values: We care, we put people at the heart of everything we do and we deliver great experiences and services. We also learn, innovate, grow and we look after our environment and our community.

“These are not empty statements. They represent who we are and what we believe in and it’s why we’ve now been recognised as the best place to work in our region. This is fantastic. I cannot describe how ecstatic I am about us winning this award and I’d like to say a massive thank you to our team for being the real key to our success.”

You can find our more about the Dorchester and Poundbury Business Awards at

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