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Statement regarding Covid-19 outbreak from RiskSTOP Group

Following an announcement by UK health officials on 5 March 2020 that the country is moving towards the second ‘delay’ phase of its response to the global Covid-19 virus outbreak, RiskSTOP Group (RSG) is today issuing the following statement to its stakeholders:

“The RSG board recognises that the UK is now facing a situation which could have far reaching consequences. The impact is highly likely to extend beyond those that directly contract the coronavirus, with potential restrictions on travel, public gatherings and interruption to services and supplies.

“As a result, we have now initiated our Business Continuity Plan (BCP), which will operate on the basis that the Covid-19 outbreak could extend over a period of several months and may also wane and recur in waves.

“We want to reassure our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and all other interested parties that we will be continuously monitoring the situation and that our BCP is both robust and adaptable.

“We are of the view that we should remain calm, follow government fact-based guidance, offer support where it is needed and use our initiative to maintain as closely as possible, business as usual.

“Our offices in Mey House and Puttenham remain open. However, should closures become necessary we are capable of operating in a way that allows our personnel to operate from home without any discernible difference in service. Video meetings, conference calls and webinars are standard modes of operation for RSG.

“We will be discussing with clients how best to accommodate their requirements in circumstances where arrangements to survey or comply with risk improvements are compromised by policyholders wishing, out of necessity, to restrict third party access to their premises. Desktop assessments will continue as normal.

“For updates we recommend regularly visiting our Group website at and following our LinkedIn and Twitter feeds.

“As an organisation which is dedicated to taking care of risks and putting people at the heart of everything we do, we want to reassure all stakeholders that we are well prepared to deal with this emerging situation.”


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