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Sponsorship helps local Samaritans achieve 50% of annual budget

Our support for this year’s Chesil Rocks music and arts festival has helped crisis prevention and support charity Samaritans of Dorset cover half of its annual budget.

Tim and Hilary Warren, who have been organising Chesil Rocks since 2012, handed £20,000 over to the Dorset branch of Samaritans following this year’s event, which took place in June. RiskSTOP Group donated over £12,000 towards running the festival, with many of our team also giving up their time to help.

RiskSTOP Group Managing Director, Danny Lillington, said: “Because of Covid the event hadn’t taken place for two years, so our Group HR Manager and keen music festival-goer Natalie Joyce and I met Tim and Hilary a few months ago. We wanted to ask what we could do to help get Chesil Rocks back up and running.

“To be honest, we were both blown away by their enthusiasm and we also learned that our local Samaritans, without Government funding, were having to dedicate more and more of their time to fund-raising. As we always do what we can to support our local community, we said we would make a donation and provide as much help as possible to make sure this year’s festival happened, and what a show it was!”

A great summer event...

Festival organiser, Tim Warren, added: “Not only did RiskSTOP Group provide us with funding for the event, but several of their staff turned up to help as volunteers on the day. Their marketing and IT team also helped with online promotion and material.

“Chesil Rocks is not only a great summer event, it also makes a huge difference to the support our local Samaritans in Dorset can provide. Every ten seconds Samaritans respond to a call for help, and their people are not just there for others in moments of crisis, but also take action to prevent many different kinds of crisis from happening. We can’t wait to do it all again next year.”

RiskSTOP Group has already pledged its support for Chesil Rocks 2023 and to be honest... we can’t wait either!

Discover more about the vital work Samaritans provides to communities across the UK here. And for more on Chesil Rocks, visit


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