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RiskSTOP Group staff support 45 charities through payroll giving

Last year was a tough time for everyone, but our incredible team at RiskSTOP Group continued to give up part of their salaries to charities large and small.

As part of a flexible rewards package offered to all of our employees, we operate a voluntary Payroll Giving scheme. This allows staff to make tax-free donations to a registered charity of their choice directly from their monthly salary.

The RiskSTOP Group Payroll Giving scheme means donations are deducted from wages before tax, which means that for every £5 that goes to charity only £4 is spent.

“In 2020, the scheme led to 45 different charities receiving a total of £3,900,” said Natalie Joyce, RiskSTOP Group HR Manager. “It’s incredible that so many of our staff have been willing to keep on giving. One of our core values at RiskSTOP Group is that ‘we care’ and there’s no doubt our team really do care about others. I’m so proud to work alongside such generous and considerate people.”

Discover more about RiskSTOP Group’s Employee Rewards package at


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