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Managers trained for ‘here to stay’ remote working

RiskSTOP Group introduces ‘remote people and performance management’ training for its leaders, senior managers and team leaders…

It’s around one year since UK workplaces were forced almost overnight into a home-working situation with little warning or preparation.

For many employees at RiskSTOP Group, this was no big shock to the system. Risk Consultants and their Managers for example, were already almost exclusively home-based. However, things became very different for staff based at our headquarters in Dorchester, especially our Team Leaders, Senior Managers and Directors, who suddenly found themselves having to support and supervise colleagues without any real face-to-face interaction.

“The whole team coped incredibly well through this early phase,” said Natalie Joyce, Group HR Manager for RiskSTOP Group. “I was amazed and hugely impressed by how the team adapted to a new and digital-first way of working.

“We were at an advantage in many ways, having a group of staff already well-versed in home-working and remote management. We’d also introduced a digital transformation programme several years back. However, the rapid nature of the change also made us realise that there were areas we could continue to improve on.”

Natalie added: “I firmly believe remote working, in one form or another, is here to stay and as an organisation which puts people first, I don’t just want us to cope with this new way of working, I want us to achieve consistency and excellence.”

Training programme

As a result, the RiskSTOP Group has recently introduced formal Remote People & Performance Management training. Team Leaders, Senior Management and Directors started an eight-week online course with Actus Training in January 2021, which will help them to develop their remote leadership skills.

Jo Weaver, Operational Lead for Rebuild Cost Assessment Ltd, commented: “The training has come at exactly the right time for me. I learned a lot, very quickly at the start of the pandemic and although I felt I was doing okay and my team were still performing well, I knew there would be areas to improve on and the course certainly hasn’t disappointed!

“The training has made me look at my own management style and make a few changes. My communications are now more defined with clear objectives and timelines.”

Stuart Spearing, Senior Survey’s Coordinator for RiskSTOP Surveys Ltd added: “I’m really happy that the Group has invested in this new training programme. Working remotely has been a challenge for everyone and this course is providing us not only with the extra skills required to manage, but perhaps most importantly what’s needed to assist our team’s wellbeing.”


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