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Homeworking: From ‘rule’ to ‘reward’!

“If you can work from home, then you should.” This was a rule set-out by the Government a few months ago because of Covid-19, which became a whole new way of working and a big adjustment to the lives of our team at RiskSTOP Group Ltd's HQ.

Without doubt homeworking brought its challenges, but it has also been a revelation. One of those unexpected good things that can come out of something bad. We're incredibly proud of the way our HQ team responded to the need to work from home & on reflection it’s been a big success with all kinds of spin-off benefits.

This got us thinking. What if we turned this ‘rule’ into a ‘reward’? A new optional benefit under our rewards scheme, which would mean spending some time working from home becoming part of the new normal.

‘If you can work from home, you should’ would become ‘If you can work from home, you can’!

We know homeworking doesn’t suit everyone so we’re not closing our HQ. Having our own central hub avoids feelings of isolation & of course gets the team out of the house! However, for those who have enjoyed the flexibility associated with homeworking and relief from the stress and expense of the daily commute etc, this, we believe, is a great new reward.


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