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Embracing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at RiskSTOP

When it comes to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) at RiskSTOP Group, we mean business. But who says serious subjects can’t be engaging? This was the spirit of our recent two-day EDI training with Robinson Ralph, which turned out to be as enlightening as it was enjoyable.

Training course participant stand in from of words on a wall together, that say "\We keep people safe and sewcure'

Every member of our leadership team – from Directors to Team Leaders – joined the sessions which were split over two days to keep things intimate and interactive.

EDI can seem complicated but, with the right approach, it's a journey worth taking. And that's precisely what this training was all about. It turns out, learning about EDI can be as fun as it is crucial with employment law experts Simon Robinson and David Sillitoe, from Robinson Ralph. After the success of our workplace discipline and grievance training session in 2023, we had to have them back.

RiskSTOP team members participating in training around a table together

Our team's feedback? In a word: inspired. It was more than just another training – it was a day of real engagement, peppered with insights, discussions, and, yes, quite a few laughs.

'Dad jokes!'

Nigel Raywood, Director of Business Development and Sales, said: “A potentially contentious and legally complex subject was covered inclusively, intelligently and, importantly, with a sensible degree of humour. The day’s training sped by with plenty of interaction, teamwork on scenarios and lively discussion.”

Rich Narramore, Team Leader at RiskSTOP Surveys, added: “I found this training really interesting. David and Simon are very good at taking the subject matter and making it engaging and interesting to listen to. They do well with making the environment conducive to a good learning experience.

“I really enjoyed their sense of humour and the connection they made with us as their audience. There were a lot of dad jokes in there which is right up my street!”

Simon Robinson and David Sillitoe, Employment Solicitors at Robinson Ralph, commented: “We really enjoyed our visit to the lovely Dorchester, made even more so lovely by the fantastic team at RiskSTOP. Both groups were really engaged in the sessions and demonstrated real understanding of the importance of equality and diversity. They even pretended to enjoy some of our jokes!”

So, here’s to serious learning and the joy it can bring – especially when it's about making our workplace a welcoming place for everyone.

Robinson Ralph is a people-focused Employment Law firm which, like us, believes in professionalism with a human touch. Their services and training come highly recommended. To find out more visit


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