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RiskSTOP Group breaks its ‘longest ever’ record

At RiskSTOP Group we’re always looking to break records, whether it’s around the number of people and business we keep safe and secure, or how much time and money we contribute to supporting vulnerable people and our local community.

However, every now and then we like to have some fun too, and recently we broke what we call our ‘longest record’.

RiskSTOP Group directors Tom (front) and Danny (rear) Lillington with record breaking receipt!
RiskSTOP Group directors Tom (front) and Danny (rear) Lillington with record breaking receipt!

Recently we re-introduced our staff Summer Party, by taking over the Brewer’s Arms in Martinstown for an evening of live music, food and drink. For us, evenings like this are about our team kicking back and having a great time. They all work incredibly hard to help us break our more serious records, so we were delighted when they helped us reach new heights on ‘social spend’… and we’re not talking about our Linkedin and Facebook budgets here.

‘Unwavering commitment’ RiskSTOP Group Managing Director Danny Lillington explained: “That night we achieved something truly remarkable thanks to the combined effort of our team.

“It is well known locally and beyond that we’re a Group that knows how to celebrate and I was delighted when at the end of the night we discovered that the bar receipt measured a staggering 6.9 metres! This exceeded the previous ‘longest record’ by 10 centimetres.”

Danny added: "I’d like to thank our staff for their unwavering commitment and enthusiasm and hope we can continue to set records, of all kinds.

“I appreciate the fact that the bar was free for the entire evening may have helped a little, but I’ve learned that in business you only get back what you put in. Our people are fantastic and worth everything we invest in them, not only for their development, but their love of life.”

This event also raised more that £1,000 for Hangers Heroes, which supports various local charities and community groups in our area.

If you would like to work with a generous team that puts people at the heart of everything, get in touch today.


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