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One of our team ‘locked up’ to support local hospice

RiskSTOP Group recently seized the opportunity to help raise over £2,500 for a local hospice by sending a cheerful member of our team to jail!

Bethany Weaver (third from left) receives support from colleagues at her sentencing!

Overall, six convicts from businesses around Dorchester were put on trial and found guilty for various misdemeanours. Their only chance of freedom was to raise a minimum of £999 in bail each for Weldmar Hospice, which relies on donations to provide vital support to people with life-limiting illnesses.

The trials took place at the world-famous Shire Hall in Dorchester, which was a courthouse between 1797 and 1955 and the scene of the 1834 trial of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, as well as a case which was the inspiration for Thomas Hardy’s ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’.

Bethany Weaver, Network Coordinator at RiskSTOP Group, never expected to hear the words "you're going to jail" but told us she couldn't turn down the offer when she thought about the impact the funds would have on others in the local community. Weldmar Hospice had provided end-of-life care for her grandmother when Bethany was just 12 years old, making it a cause dear to her heart.

‘Too cheerful’

Bethany, who was convicted of the heinous crime of “being too cheerful in the morning” received the support of Richard Narramore, a Team Leader at RiskSTOP.

Throughout the day, Bethany and Richard worked tirelessly, making phone calls to gather as much funding for Weldmar as possible. Together, they raised an impressive £2,574 out of an overall total of £9,200.

Bethany said: “A massive shout out to FGP Ltd and RiskSTOP of course, for donating huge chunks of my bail. Also, I couldn’t have been more supported by my family, friends, and colleagues across the UK, who covered my bail and some, ahead of my trial date. It sounds odd, but I’m so proud to have been chosen to be locked up and to represent RiskSTOP Group, which truly puts humanity at its core.”

Richard Narramore added: “Weldmar is important to so many of us. I’ve also had family and friends need end of life care there and this was an opportunity to give something back. The challenge was really well organised and I’d like to congratulate not only Bethany, but everyone who took part.”

Thank you to all who donated and to Bethany and Richard for their participation in supporting Weldmar Hospice. To find out more about the charity and its mission, please visit


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