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How one of our colleagues is putting 'People at the Heart'

One of our team has got our brand-new internal podcast ‘People At The Heart’ off to a flying start by talking about her life-experiences and how she’d like to help her colleagues around neurodiversity.

Podcast setup in office

Abbie Davis, who is a team leader at, talked openly with RiskSTOP Group HR and Social Responsibility Manager Natalie Joyce for our podcast. Abbie discussed some of the challenges she's faced growing up with dyspraxia and dyslexia and took the opportunity to launch a new internal support group. Abbie is passionate about helping others understand more about neurodiversity at work.

While our ‘People at the Heart’ podcast is primarily for our colleagues at RiskSTOP Group, we’ve opened this first episode up for anyone to listen to. You can tune in here:

Natalie Joyce commented: “Many of our team have been on awareness courses and have learned about conditions such as ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism in recent years. Embracing all aspects of who people are and what they bring is important to us, and it was great hearing more from Abbie during our recording. Her idea of running a support group is terrific.”

Abbie added: “I’d like our neurodiversity support group to be a safe and secure place for everyone. I want it to be a space where people can feel comfortable talking about it all, because I think that's the most important step towards inclusion.”

RiskSTOP Group’s People At The Heart podcast is set to feature all kinds of guests and presenters chatting about things that are connected with our team and our work, that are both serious and light hearted. Watch out for more publicly available conversations coming soon…

Would you like to work for a forward-thinking company that values its people? Come and join us! We are growing rapidly and have opportunities available. Get in touch today. 


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