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Group HR and Social Responsibility Associate Director

Natalie Joyce will be appointed to the position of Associate Director for HR and Social Responsibility from the beginning of next year, RiskSTOP Group has announced today.

This appointment aligns with our commitment to providing a great place to work and social responsibility being a key part of our purpose.

Tom Lillington, RiskSTOP Group Operations Director, commented: “Natalie has been highly effective in her HR management role for the Group and has taken a lead in our work with charities and our local community.

“Her promotion to Associate Director-level from January 2024 is not just a reflection of Natalie’s development, but highlights the importance of recruitment, training and policies as we continue to grow and the strategic significance of social responsibility to our organisation moving forward.”

Natalie is now set to attend a range of training and development courses leading up to her appointment in the New Year.

Connect with Natalie on Linkedin here.

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