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Four million children now at risk from morning hunger

One of our fantastic chosen charities Magic Breakfast recently shared the findings of its latest research into nutrition and its impact on children and their education.


At an online meeting, representatives of Magic Breakfast told Natalie Joyce, RiskSTOP Group HR Manager and Danny Lillington, RiskSTOP Group Managing Director how four million children are now at risk in the UK from starting their day hungry – a figure that has sadly more than doubled since pre-Covid times.


Magic Breakfast also highlighted how the cost-of-living crisis was having an impact, with 76% of families now saying they struggle to buy enough healthy food. One third have cut back on the amount of food they buy and 18% of parents find themselves skipping meals so their children can eat properly.


‘Brain food’

A volunteer fundraiser from a school in south London joined the call, bringing a parent along with her to paint a picture of how the charity works at a local level. Natalie and Danny learned how children called their free breakfast provision “brain food” as they understood how nutrition at the beginning of the day helps with learning, as well as attitude in the classroom.


Danny commented: “I think we all understand how lack of food impacts on mood! We were blown away by how much effort was being put into supporting families in this way.”


Natalie added: “What a privilege to have met those playing such an important part in keeping children safe and healthy. Danny and I both came away feeling inspired and proud to be backing such a fantastic organisation with a worthy cause. “


To find out more about Magic Breakfast and its 2023 ‘Fuel for Success’ campaign, visit



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