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Fabulous fashion show raises funds to fight breast cancer

RiskSTOP Group recently supported a fashion show featuring local models and retailers hosted by Charity Angels UK, to help raise funds to battle breast cancer.

One of many brave models taking to the catwalk at the charity event

The sellout event took place at the Dorset Museum Victorian Hall and what made the show truly special was the participation of local women with personal experiences of breast cancer. Some took to the catwalk, and thanks to their courage and strength an incredible £7,300 was raised for Against Breast Cancer to fund research into secondary breast cancer.

Rowan Seymour, from Charity Angels UK, said that the amount raised was “truly humbling and amazing" adding: “It was an emotional and empowering experience for the models. We are so grateful to all our sponsors, supporters, retailers, and guests.”

Courageous people

While also enjoying an entertaining and memorable experience, the show was a platform for many courageous people to share their stories and inspire others.

With the encouragement of friends, family and others in the audience, as many as fourteen women overcame their nerves and embraced the spirit of the event by modelling, along with performances from The Rock Choir, Juno Belly Dancing and local musician Jack Daniels.

Operational Manager at RiskSTOP Lisa Beaton, who attended the event, commented: “The whole evening was put together so well, and I would like to say a huge thank you to those from our team at RiskSTOP who gave their time to volunteer.

“It was incredibly moving from start to finish and I am so proud to work for an organisation dedicated to supporting important causes. Charity Angels UK’s efforts are truly inspiring!”

If you would like to see more from this event, please view a selection of images published on YouTube here.

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