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Why ‘length of service’ just got bigger and better

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Rewarding our team for staying with us has always been important for RiskSTOP Group and now we’ve added a new milestone to our length of service benefits.

Left to right: Kelly Haynes, Debbie Watkins, Katy Barker and Verity Burgess

After three years employed with us, our people begin to see their annual leave increasing. On reaching 5 years of service, we give a bonus of £250. This bonus increases to £500 at 10 years and £750 at 15 years. Until now, that’s where the rewards have ended.

However, last year RiskSTOP reached its 20th anniversary and inevitably we’ve had a few of our team hit twenty years of service in the months that followed. So now 20 years with us means a whopping £1,000 for our longest serving staff.

RiskSTOP Group Managing Director, Danny Lillington, commented: “So far, four of our team have reached 20 years and I want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Kelly Haynes, Debbie Watkins, Verity Burgess and Katy Barker, not just for their commitment and dedication to supporting what we do, but being very much part of why we do it and demonstrating the values we share in our organisation. People who care, learn, innovate and grow don’t just stick with RiskSTOP, they represent everything we are.”

‘So well looked after’

Group Finance Manager, Verity Burgess, who has been with RiskSTOP from day one, said: “You’re really made to feel valued here. There are all kinds of well-thought through little perks that add to that and to be honest and in my 20 years I cannot say there have ever been any quibbles.

“I’m trusted to get on with what I do best and we’re all so well-looked after. That’s why I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”

Asked if she was looking forward to another 20 years with the Group, Verity laughed and told us: “Well, the way things are going in the world I may not be able to afford to retire, so why not?” Verity said she would be spending her 20-year bonus feeding and caring for her beloved horses.

If you would like to work somewhere where people feel valued, send your resume to our Group HR Manager


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