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RiskSTOP Group adopting hybrid working model

Updated: May 24, 2021

From September this year, RiskSTOP Group will be officially moving to a hybrid model of working, with staff splitting their time between home and the main office hub.

There’s been much debate in recent months, following the success of the UK’s vaccination programme and a relaxing of restrictions, about whether we should all go back to how things were or carry on with the new. At RiskSTOP Group, we’ve decided on a ‘best of both worlds’ approach as we believe this suits our culture, our values and reflects how our people and customers feel and are changing.

“Despite the tragedy and difficulty surrounding the Covid-19 crisis, we’ve also found some positives in what we’ve been through,” explained Natalie Joyce, RiskSTOP Group HR Manager. “In fact, many of our staff told us they’d relished the flexibility around homeworking and had enjoyed some relief from the stress and expense of the daily commute. At the same time, we recognise that this way of working doesn’t suit all and certainly not all of the time. People also enjoy the buzz of the office and connecting ‘for real’ with their colleagues too.”

Remote working is something many of our team at RiskSTOP Group, particularly our field staff, have done for many years. However, like so many in March 2020, our office-based team were suddenly thrown into a world where the office became inaccessible and we needed to find a new way.

Natalie said: “We’ve found that new way and now we’re simply making it part of how we operate day-to-day. The details have been made formal in a new homeworking policy, which will see full-time staff in our office at least twice a week and part time once a week. This will come into effect from September, as we believe this will allow enough time for people to be offered the vaccine.

“We’ve learned from the pandemic, moved with the times, invested in technology to make it all happen, while always being acutely aware of people’s feelings and mental well-being.”

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