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Mental health course ‘supportive and empowering’

RiskSTOP Group staff have described an online mental health induction course as not only “supportive” but also “empowering” when it comes to helping others.

Employees at the RiskSTOP Group have been taking the course as part of the Group’s ongoing mental health awareness programme, which has been in place for more than four years. The new induction course has been made available to all staff at a time when people are feeling increasingly vulnerable to pressure, stress and anxiety.

Natalie Joyce, RiskSTOP Group HR Manager, said: “It’s a brilliant short course that really delivers some terrific advice and is also so easily accessed online, which of course is important at this time. The pandemic has made us all feel different kinds of pressures and it’s important to recognise the warning signs, both in yourself and your colleagues.

“Ever since we started highlighting mental health at work, we’ve seen far greater openness, honesty and transparency at all levels. The course, which costs about half your average monthly mobile phone tariff per team member, is incredibly worthwhile, especially for any organisation which puts people’s well-being first and foremost.”

The course, called ‘Mentality, spot the signs, take action’ lasts around one hour and is delivered by award winning mental health first aid instructor Peter Larkum, who has worked with RiskSTOP on a number of initiatives. Peter said: “I’ve been so impressed with how RiskSTOP have been tackling the stigmas and discriminations that so often surround mental health. It’s been great working with them over the past few years.”

Deeper understanding

Frederika Dixon, Senior Administrator at RiskSTOP, said: “This was such a great course. I really enjoyed it. I feel it’s given me a deeper insight and understanding of mental health as it’s such a huge area and something that is in our everyday lives. I also now feel empowered to be able to support people and do so in the right way.”

Eight members of staff at RiskSTOP Group are now planning on taking a more in-depth mental health first aiders cause, which will mean all employees at RiskSTOP will have someone who is expertly trained that they can turn to for help.

Natalie Clark, Business Unit Team Leader at RiskSTOP commented: “I feel very privileged to work for a company that proactively supports and invests time in mental health and training. Even if you haven’t been directly affected by mental health issues yourself, most of us know someone who has. For this reason, I want to become a qualified mental health first aider so I can provide the most effective care and advice to my friends, family and colleagues.”

To find out more about ‘Mentality, spot the signs, take action, visit And to discover more about working at RiskSTOP Group, visit


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