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Foodbank demand three times higher due to Covid

RiskSTOP Group is supporting local foodbanks experiencing a threefold increase in demand linked to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Portland Foodbank said that following the start of the national lockdown in March this year, it had recorded a 300% increase in demand and had it not been for generous local donations many would have been struggling to feed themselves and their loved-ones.

Jonathan Bayliff, Portland Foodbank Manager, commented: “I’ve met many local people in recent months who never thought they would need our services, having lost their jobs and running out of cash to pay bills and other essentials.

“Some have been a little embarrassed about coming and taking handouts, but for us it’s great to be able to support people in such moments of need. That’s what we’re here for!”

Jonathan went on to praise Poundbury based employer, RiskSTOP Group, which has been campaigning tirelessly to raise awareness of increasing need in the region, helping not only Portland Foodbank, but also Weymouth and Dorchester.

RiskSTOP Group Managing Director, Danny Lillington, said: “Visiting the foodbanks recently has been humbling and quite an eye-opener. Seeing the volunteers arrive in the early hours of the morning to help out is just fantastic. As well as helping out ourselves, we’ve been pushing for others to donate either money or food to meet demand.”

Jonathan added: “RiskSTOP Group’s support has been wonderful and it’s been great seeing Danny here, who is one of our valued and generous donors. Without these donations we would not have been able to keep food on the table for many families in our community who have suffered through the Covid-19 crisis.”

To make a donation either visit your local foodbank or make a donation online through Facebook or the various local foodbank websites. To discover more about RiskSTOP Group visit


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